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What We Do

Raise Awareness
It is our priority to give your business the exposure you deserve in order to become a dominating player in your market or industry.
Grow Customer Base
With the services that we provide, we will help to drive customers to your website, products and/or services in a more efficient manner than other online marketing strategies.
Increase Revenue
We help your hard earned dollars work for you for the long haul. Our services are affordable enough for you to make an ROI with only a few sales per month.

Whatever your business objectives might be, the benefits offered by an effective Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy is enormous. Today, search engine marketing plays a very important role, as almost 80-90% of the internet traffic stems from search engines. Internet purchases are also now a suitable way of buying most of the products contending directly with the brick and mortar retailers. While the SEM places your ads on the sponsored section of the result page of a search engine, the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) assists in increasing the ranking of your site so that it will naturally show up higher in non-paid search results.

Let us have a look at the benefits offered by the internet marketing strategy:


Long term profits are the overall goal when we deal with anything involving business. This is where the cost effectiveness of using a Boise SEO Company gains importance. Search Engine Optimization delivers the maximum publicity to your business at a fraction of the cost. SEM and SEO also work wonders for the small and medium firms which are on a fixed budget. Since, all the internet marketing happens online, it can be done fast and with limited resources. As opposed to the outbound approaches like cold-calling (attempt to convince potential customers, without prior contact), SEO's inward bound nature helps the firms in saving their money. Even though cold-calling might be an effective strategy, the leads created might cost almost 50-60% more than leads generated by SEO.


While SEO and SEM target those users who are actively searching for your services and products online, the other forms of marketing are at best opportunistic. This means we are targeting a willing party ready to receive information about their search, which can bring you quantifiable results so that a return on investment (ROI) is assured. This ensures that your volume of sales and profit is on the rise.


Brand image is not limited to the popularity of a particular service or product, but also depends on the status and reputation of your firm in the market. So, when the website visibility increases with the help of SEO and SEM strategies, it generates a more noticeable brand image. Having your website in the top position on the result page of a search engine reflects your company’s authority and brand identity. With the passage of time, your prospects become acquainted with you and see you as a trusted provider or advisor. Apart from this, the traffic generated from SEO is more qualified and competent than many other marketing plans, as it targets the buyers directly.


Having unique content on your website is one of the most significant aspects in present-day search engine optimization. Studies show that 80-90% of the users know exactly what they are searching for. It implies that you are getting your ads and content in front of a highly qualified target audience. So, offering uniqueness is the best way to attract them to your businesses. Our SEO Boise Services comprise of structuring your site’s links and architecture to make your website more user-friendly and. The users know that only high-quality and relevant websites get to the top and this is what we will provide.


While paid ads are a quick way to get listed on a search engine, SEO delivers long lasting results that will have your business in front of a steady stream of consumers for years to come. These are safe results that will help you to enjoy the new flood of buying customers. It also helps in maintaining a consistent and sustained target audience for disseminating your marketing message.

Our Services

Market Analysis

We will research how customers are finding the types of products or services that your business offers and put together a strategy to edge out the competition and gain new customers.

Rank You In Google

The top spot in google yields a great deal of traffic for the website in its place. We get your site to the 1st position and enable you to hold it for the long run for maximum market exposure.

Social Marketing

The world of social media is doing nothing but growing. We can help you build your presence on social media, as well as help you market new products or services with great success.

Web Design

Need to beef up your website a bit? No problem. We can help design you a website that will be up to date and create an amazing experience for your customers.

Streamline Conversion

It does you no good to have a lot of traffic if it is not converting. We will implement processes that help you engage your visitors and move them to action so you can turn the traffic into revenue.


Not quite ready to launch a full on marketing campaign? We will gladly sit down and discuss all of the options available to your business so you can take the best course of action.

So Why Choose Ascension Marketing?

We are the premiere SEO partner for your growing business because we provide more than just Search Engine Optimization.  As a Search Engine Marketing Company, we provide our customers with a variety of marking solutions to command a substantial presence in the online marketplace.  As SEO Experts, we stay on the leading edge as the dynamics of internet marketing shift in order to ensure that the work we do for your company makes a lasting impression for your customers.

In addition to SEO and Advanced Market Analysis, we offer a wide variety of products designed to solidify your business’s online profile.  From Branding and Re-Branding services to Reputation Management, the we are able to maintain rankings for years to come. 

Once your business makes its way to the top of the results above your competitors, you’ll want to convert those searches into paying customers.  We'll work hand in hand with you and your team to provide an online experience for your visitors that will lead to longer lasting relationships and repeat sales.  It is our desire to not just get you to the top, we also want you to break every sales record you’ve every had. 


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